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Kirk VanDegrift

Kirk L.VanDegrift – Master Trainerkirk

Defense Tactics & Military Certifications:

Who’s Who In American Law Enforcement 1992
Assistant Chief of Police-Medicine Lodge Police Dept. 1987-1992 USPDTA Kansas State Director-1989-1996
USPDTA Oklahoma State Director – 2008- Present
USPDTA National Youth Gang Force Member-1989-1993 Medicine Lodge Alcohol and Drug Counsel-Advisor-1989-1993 Adjunct Faculty member (Law Enforcement Training)-1986-1992 American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers1988-1993 Member National Association Chiefs of Police-1987-1992 Member Kansas Peace Officers association-1986-1992
90th Basic Class Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center Combative and Non Combative Handcuffing & Search
Class President 90th Basic Class KLETC
Courses Taught-Surviving Critical Incidents
Vehicle Removal and Control Tactics
Handgun Retention
Keystick Defense
Knife and Gun Disarming
Unarmed Defense & Control
Pressure Point Control Tactics
Building Search Tactics
High Risk Vehicle Stops
Police Baton

Martial Arts: Bunbu Ichi Zendo Kai Ha

8th Dan Nihon Karate/Jujitsu/Kobudo 1st Dan Nihon Taijutsu


Assoc. Sc. Criminology BSc Criminology

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